Automation Components

Ethernet 2.0

For automation engineers who strive to enhance machine or process performance, speed system development and reduce automation costs, the WAGO Ethernet 2.0 programmable controllers provide game-changing flexibility and a proven architecture that simply works.


The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is the most compact, modular and fieldbus-independent I/O system for decentralized.


Pluggable I/O Modules: For certain applications, a pre-wiring of components, independent of the electronics, is appropriate.


Consequently executed decentralized automation ends closely at the machine - frequently so close that there is no room for a protective cabinet or enclosure. WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 755 was designed for those conditions.


The IP67 Fieldbus system does not offer in every situation the flexibility and cost-effectiveness which would allow the user to achieve a consistent change-over from the IP20 to the IP67 automation system. In such cases, Sensor/actuator boxes are a real alternative.

WAGO-I/O-IPC (758 Series)

WAGO-I/O-IPC, compact industrial PC. The IPC is a cost-effective industrial compact PC solution for real time control applications. Despite its compact design, the IPC integrates all standard PC functions, including network and fieldbus interfaces, for local and remote control applications.

I/O Software (759 Series) Software

Maintenance/programming software and WAGO-TOPLON® for building automation.


WAGO SPEEDWAY 767 is a modular, IP67-rated I/O system which is ideal for applications in harsh environment conditions.

Industrial ETHERNET

An overview of all Ethernet switches and SFP modules is given here. From simple ETHERNET switches to configurable, multifunction ETHERNET communication switches.

PERSPECTO – Monitors and Panels

Designed to reduce engineering development time, reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary hardware, as well as reduce support and maintenance costs, PERSPECTO CP TV enables simplified control system architecture.

Condition Monitoring

Look-ahead maintenance enhances productivity and saves costs.

Interface Modules

Besides pluggable function and interface modules, slim relays and optocouplers, as well as modern switch mode power supplies, WAGO also offers interface modules in different versions.

Overvoltage protection

Enhance reliability. Used to protect other electrical equipment and systems against excess overvoltage and to generate equipotential bonding.

Power supplies

With primary switch mode power supply units, constant voltage sources, power supply and back-up capacitor modules, WAGO offers a comprehensive range of power supply units for a wide range of applications.

JUMPFLEX Signal Conditioners and Relays]

The perfect match of housing and electronics is the key factor for a highly successful device.  This is exactly what WAGO has achieved with the new 857 Series Signal Conditioners and Relay/Optocoupler Modules.