Tooling Design

Design of Welding Fixtures – Spot welding & MIG welding

We support BIW fixture design & development for automotive components on both Monocoque Body structure & Frame mounted Body structure. Every design is closely validate in all phases with virtual simulation team to ensure perfect model is released.

The detail study of process inputs are made with design expertise. Product orientation, Clamp datum and weld information are finalized with the customer. Ergonomics study for operator load tools are carried out before start concept design. Economic and compact concept designs are developed with the consideration of neighboring tools and cycle time. Upon the design approval from the customer we finalize the design and release the long lead items bill of material. Finally we deliver the layout details and complete bill of material for manufacturing after quality checks are done.

Following are the tools we design for BIW fixture

Geo Tools
        Stationary GEO Fixture, GEO EOAT.

Respot Tools
        Stationary respot fixture, PED Weld Fixture

Pass Assist Tools
        End Effectors
        Docking Station
        Holding Buck or Passing Fixture
        Conveyor Pallet Tooling

Weld Check Tools
        Weld Check Pull of Cart

Product Shipping Tools
        Shipping Racks

Preparation of RWD and Cycle Time Chart.

Layout & Detailing
        Key Sheet
        Unit Layout
        Part Detailing
        Bill of Material



Special Purpose Machine (SPM) Design:

We consult, design, manufacture, commission and program Special Purpose Machines also. This is our major and important segment in domestic market. Every cases are carefully analysed and brought out with the most effect solution focusing on cost, replacement, user friendly with lean layout ideas which will not affect the existing layout condition in most cases.

Special purpose machines are almost always designed and created fresh for one particular purpose which is defined or specified by the client in question. Effectively, it is very rare for special purpose machines to be alike in terms of size and capacity, even if they are similar with respect to their functionality.

Tooling Manufacture

We will manufactrure, install and commission all the machines and toolings. Our Engineers would satisfy customers with unmatched service in the shortest time ensuring maximum uptime of their plants all round the year through "Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)" and provide training to the customers work force.