Solar Pump System

Solar Pump works directly from DC to lift the water for home/agricultural purpose from borewell. Its Brushless stator & permanent magnet rotor type pump, in which direct solar power from 48V to 220V of DC supply is very apt and suitable to make this pump perform with better efficiency.

Note : While connecting solar pump with solar panel, please choose suitable solar panels as per guidelines reference panel watts & quantity. This will help achieve best effective pumping output from pump.










Pump Performance Chart




We have now developed Agricultural Solar Pumps which can work with Solar Energy.

Our Solar Pumps operate with DC power with a water outlet capacity of 1000 Ltrs to 15000 Ltrs per hour.

A Solar Powered Water Pump will typically Operate with full sunshine. Incase of intermittent cloud days the pump will operate for less time. Our Solar Pumps work upto 250 feet depth