Automation Products

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality panel, automation products, industrial automation products & automation control products, which cater to electronics & electrical industries. We also offer complete turnkey packages of system design, software, installation and commissioning.


Solar Power System

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power System is a new type power supply which through PV Modules generating electricity, and by controller charging / discharging battery an dsupply power to Dc load or to AC load by inverter. This system is widely Suitable for applied in island, remote mountain area and field work and also used for communication base home use, commercial office use, industrial power supply use, advetising light Box and street lamps etc.


Solar Pump System

Solar Pump works directly from DC to lift the water for home/agricultural purpose from borewell. Its Brushless stator & permanent magnet rotor type pump, in which direct solar power from 48V to 220V of DC supply is very apt and suitable to make this pump perform with better efficiency.


Heat Pump Hot Water Generator

Heat pump water heater is a new generation hot water equipment, it successfully applies reverse Carnot Principle by using electric energy to drive heat pump, to transfer the heat energy from environment to water.